Survi Books International

Survi Books International, is a prodigy in publishing industry focused on producing high-quality content books. Our primary agenda is to provide good academic books for the young learners to help them grow while we grow ourselves.

We have an accomplished staff of the editorial team which includes experienced editors, proofreaders, sketching and coloring artists and book-designers. They are our true assets and the reason behind Survi Books International’s success in publishing high-quality books without restraint. Keeping the maintenance of quality content at vantage point, we always hire highly qualified and experienced authors who belong to most prestigious academic institutions of the country. Putting aside the profits and monetary considerations, our aim is always to bring together Innovative, Informative and superior quality books.


We have an exceptional marketing team with highly efficient and reliable sales personnel. They have an exemplary understanding of consumers’ needs and expectations. By optimum use of our media contacts and marketing team’s years of domain experience, we guarantee that our books reach their rightful owners, i.e. the students.


We are on a twofold mission here. Our goal is to bring a sense of comfort and ease for authors and ensure that they are provided with appropriate opportunities to showcase their talents. At the same time we make sure that an exciting range of books is delivered to children. We envisage to become one of the most famous publishing brands in India, which would be recognized as a reliable, efficient and responsive solution to readers’ and authors’ needs.